• Bull Bear Markets
    • Bull and Bear are the terms to describe the general conditions of the stock market. These do not refer to short term fluctuations a bear market is c
  • Fundamental Analysis
    • The goal of fundamental analysis is to determine how much money a company is making and what kind of earnings can be expected in the future. Although
  • Fundamental Analysis 2
    • Earnings per ShareThe overall earnings of a company is not in itself a useful indicator of a stock's worth. Low earnings coupled with low outstanding
  • Getting Started
    • Most stock trades are done through a broker an intermediary who takes orders and executes them. Brokers can also offer advice about which stocks to tr
  • Penny Stocks
    • All of these factors low price, lack of standards, and lack of stability make penny stocks one of the riskiest investments around. It is true that
  • Pink Sheets Stocks
    • Penny stocks are securities that are less than $5 in value. Although they can be traded on regular stock exchanges, companies that are listed in the P
  • Resources428

    • resources428.php
  • Stock Brokers
    • These perks are not free full service brokers charge the highest commission rates in the industry. Whether or not you decide to use a full-service b
  • Stock Indexes
    • There are many different stock indexes, the most common in the United States being the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NYSE Composite index, and the
  • Stock Markets
    • The 'Stock Exchange' is the correct term for the physical location for trading stocks. Each country may have many different stock exchanges and usuall
  • Stock Options
    • A contract to buy is called a 'call option'. The buyer of a call option hopes the price of the underlying stock will rise, allowing him to buy it at l
  • Stock Prices
    • To a certain extent stock prices are determined by investor confidence but that confidence in turn is based on real or perceived performance. Companie
  • Stock Splits
    • Why would a company do this?
  • Stocks Trading Signals
    • Investors who treat trading as a full-time job have the time to watch the market movements for signals. Oftentimes, however, signals can be automated
  • Stocks Vs Bonds
    • Bonds always carry the risk that the principal amount may not be paid back. Companies with higher credit worthiness are more likely to be safe investm
  • Stocks Vs Mutual Funds
    • What is the advantage of a diversified portfolio? It offers protection against rapid market losses of any one particular stock. If a portfolio is spre
  • Stock Trading Strategies
    • HedgingHedging is a way of protecting an investment by reducing the risks involved in holding a particular stock. The risk that the price of the stock
  • Technical Analysis
    • The basis for technical analysis is the belief that stock prices move in predictable patterns. All the factors that influence price movement company
  • Technical Analysis 2
    • Patterns
  • Types Of Trading
    • The stock market also provides opportunities for short-term investors. Market skittishness can cause prices to fluctuate quite rapidly and investor ps



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